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Japan's aluminum industry will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 78% by 2050

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Japan's aluminum industry will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 78% by 2050

According to Reuters, the Japan Aluminum Association stated last week that by 2050, Japan’s aluminum industry aims to increase the use of recycled metals from the current 48% to 75% to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 2017 levels. The ratio is reduced by 78%. As part of the new long-term vision, the industry also aims to increase local demand by 43% from 4.22 million tons in 2019 to 6.02 million tons per year by 2050 by expanding its use in areas such as transportation and construction. Ichiro Okamoto, Chairman of the Japan Aluminum Association, said at the press conference: "With new eyes, we hope to impress the excellent properties of aluminum (such as high environmental performance) and demonstrate our firm willingness to enhance its existence. ."

Aluminum industry

The new prospects also require the Japanese aluminum industry to increase the use of secondary metals in rolled products and extrusions from the current 10% to 50% by 2050 through the development of various technologies including scrap classification. The industry group also counts on smelters to innovate in smelting and refining technologies to produce refined ingots with lower carbon dioxide emissions to help achieve their carbon dioxide reduction targets.

The International Aluminum Association estimates that by 2050, the global carbon dioxide emissions from aluminum smelting must be reduced by 80% to 90% in order to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. According to the current formula, by 2050, the CO2 emission intensity of imported primary aluminum will be reduced by 50% to 70%. The use of lighter products and higher thermal efficiency will help reduce CO2 emissions in many areas. , Including automotive and industrial. The vision does not include the calculation of CO2 emission reduction effects at the product stage

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